Ebay Feedback System Biased towards Seller

Have you ever noticed that Ebay feedback section allows to write too few words that are insufficient specially when you want to provide negative feedback of a seller and want to elaborate what actually happened.

Yes Ebay’s feedback system biased to seller and reason behind this cause is seller generates revenue for Ebay.

Seller pays for listing every single item (respective of the fact item gets sold or not).
Another fee that seller pays is in form of commission of every single unit sold via Ebay.

And this why Ebay does not want the sellers to be exposed via a detailed feedback section.
Rather Ebay offers objective type feedback with star rating for different sections and then allows to write few words to explain your happiness or frustration whichever is applicable 🙂

Sellers Tricks or Cheats:
* Ebay doesn’t varifies address of the seller which is public to any buyer so you might find this lot many times that sellers from india are having their address as New York or Canada.
* Power Sellers usually keep thier feedbacks private. (Que: Now what is a private feedback? Ans: A private feedback is another option ebay has given to sellers where important details like transaction amount, buyer name etc will not be shown to users who are going through feedback history of a seller before making purchase in order to make sure that seller is genuine.
* Seller may enter a wrong or invalid shipment tracking id that will not show any progress for many days, whereas seller has not shipped your item actually but just provided a courier tracking id or shipment number to buy more time. It has also been found that many sellers have good terms with courier agencies and they reserve some tracking id’s which can be used in cases as explained above to buy more time for seller but those tracking will not show any progress in terms of consignment moving from one place to other.
* Sellers steal allot of duty and shipping charges by declaring wrong value of the consignment while shipping it. I my self have seen that value of item worth 15k was declared as 4k only so that seller has to pay less money as insurance amount for shipment/consignment.

There is a need of external feedback system that gets linked to ebay feedback text section so that buyers can explain with item number and transaction details abour the loss they suffered.

I’ll get back with more information on TIPS for making purchase of Ebay or other online shopping portals.

NOTE: All the information provided above is based on my personal experiences, you may have a different view of looking at things. My intention is not to hamper a brand name but rather highlight the gaps that can bridged via improvements in the system.

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